Why Bandwidth Partners?


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Bandwidth Partners has a repeatable process of evaluation for each of our clients that allows an unbiased approach focused on each opportunity to improve our clients telecommunications needs now and into the future for your business requirements.

We will do a detailed analysis of your current situation and gain a full understanding of your vendor’s price and performance metrics based on a weighting grid analysis system. A complete review and audit will be conducted to uncover any areas that may identified as unauthorized billing (SPAM), unusual fees, simple billing errors or rate improvement opportunities. Rate improvements opportunities will be cross referenced to all the providers in your area often resulting in recommendations for improved services at reduced rates. Bandwidth Partners will manage the implementation of any new or enhanced services you select, then measure the recommended solution forecast of billing against actual to ensure the resulting services is exactly what our clients bargained for.


Bandwidth Partners offers specific solutions tailored for your business needs not the carrier’s promotions of the month. Often when a single carrier represents a product or service for your business as the best solution, it is the best solution they can offer because they often are compensated to sell those products or services based on their requirements not your businesses.

When we look at all the carriers available in your area product and service flexibility and competition often presents the best solution that may otherwise be overlooked.

Objectivity is paramount when seeking the best solution for your business regardless of the carrier’s capabilities in your area as other options often exist that your business may be unaware of that is a better or best solution to care for your business requirements.

Bandwidth Partners can simplify the evaluation process of many different vendors and carriers allowing your business to benefit from a single source instead of multiple sources with often confusing “product names” specific to that carrier. Our goal when assisting in the evaluation of products and services is to be objective and focused on the cost benefit equation that is best suited for your organization.

Network/Carrier Partners

Bandwidth Partners offers a full array of services providers for your consideration and evaluation. We will consider many variables in determine the best solution for your company including geographic location, pricing, promotions, delivery intervals, contract terms and conditions, customer service, technical support, monitoring capabilities, engineering expertise and the products that will allow your business to move into the future with minimal disruption to your business operations.

We give you the time back to operate your business leaving the challenges of telecommunications implementations to us. This value equation lets both companies do what we know best, operate our businesses at optimal performance levels.

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Voice and Data Equipment and Service Providers

Bandwidth Partners has developed relationships with service providers that are experts in analysis of your voice and data equipment needs. The choices available for equipment solutions are many much like network services. Our representatives can recommend preferred vendors that specialize in applications that can significantly improved platform for your business to utilize.

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Technical Support and Knowledge Base

Bandwidth Partners offers a wide variety of specialized support services that include the following products and services:

  • Cloud Services
  • Consulting
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • DSL Internet service
  • Equipment Vendor Partnerships
  • Ethernet Data Service
  • Fiber and Copper Cabling Contractor Partners
  • Hosting
  • IP Telephony Solutions
  • Local voice services
  • Maintenance Contract Partners
  • MPLS Network service
  • Point to Point Voice and Data service
  • PRI Services
  • Toll Free and Long Distance
  • VoIP
  • Wireless Solutions

Customer Testimonials

Bandwidth Partners strives to maintain the highest level of support for our clients. Please take a few moments to read what they say about our efforts and impact on their businesses.