About Us


Bandwidth Partners is founded on the fundamental business philosophy of providing better or best business solutions to our clients. Our mission statement is simple:

“To provide our clients with World Class communications solutions with best-in-class products and services enabling their businesses to execute and fulfill their business plans with Bandwidth Partners ongoing support.”

We serve as a resource for all businesses large and small helping to uncover requirements, develop solutions, evaluate options, implement solutions and monitor the solution ensuring the desired outcome. We are always seeking improved pricing and performance for our clients to allow them to control their telecommunications budgets to meet the ever evolving competitive nature in all businesses of controlling costs while improving service to your clients.

Bandwidth Partners is a privately held company consisting of consulting sales and service professionals that specialize in all aspects of the Telecommunications Industry. Although recently founded in 2013, Bandwidth Partners principles have over 50 years industry experience between them. Our senior management have spent their careers in leadership roles in a variety of companies from LEC’s, to privately help firms as senior management, stakeholders or ownership positions. They have been successfully managing businesses to excellence in customer service, revenue growth and assembling outstanding teams of professionals under their direction.

Bandwidth Partners is the culmination of relationships that have been built over years spent consistently modeling their business responsibilities to be better or best for the clients and employees alike.

Our commitment to our clients is straight forward without any influence from our vendors “the best product or service for the best price”. Our ongoing support model is designed to enable our client relationship to expand and benefit our customers’ needs today and into the future.